Breast Prosthesis

What is a breast prosthesis?

A breast prosthesis is an artificial piece that replaces a portion of the breast or the entire breast. Usually, breast prostheses are made from gelatinous silicone encased in a fine film. They are meant to replace the breasts after breast cancer treatment. Surgery to remove a single or both breasts is done to treat progressive breast cancer before it metastasises. The exterior of the prosthesis is smooth and soft with an authentic-looking nipple outline.

In some cases, reconstructive surgery occurs on the day of breast cancer treatments (breast-conserving procedures or a mastectomy). Reconstructive breast surgery involves rebuilding the breast mould using fat grafting techniques and tissue flaps.

Why consider a breast prosthesis?

Those women who have not had reconstructive breast surgery may prefer breast prostheses due to variations in their breasts in terms of size and shape. Sometimes, even after reconstructive breast surgery, the breasts are not an exact match; this is why many women consider getting breast prostheses.

What types of breast prostheses are available?

A breast prosthesis restores the natural shape and sensation of the breast. There are several types of prostheses available to restore the symmetry and shape, and size of the breasts, which includes the following:

  • Full/standard breast prostheses are designed to compensate for lost breast tissue in size, shape and weight.
  • A partial silicone breast prosthesis is worn inside the bra and fills the outline of the breast.
  • Shell prosthesis is placed over leftover breast tissue and appears natural after a partial mastectomy.
  • A breast prosthesis that sticks to the skin’s surface uses adhesive to attach to the chest wall.
  • Custom-made breast prostheses can be made of fiberfill, silicone or foam. The backing of the prosthesis may comprise of the same material or consist of a soft gel or fabric.

Data manipulation using 3D modelling helps design and create a soft breast prosthetic that exceeds the quality and curbs the cost of imported prostheses. Breast prostheses are an innovation in the medical field because it inspires hope and perseverance in women who have lost their breasts as a result of late-stage breast cancer.

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Will I be provided with a temporary breast prosthesis (softie) after reconstructive surgery?

Yes, you will be given a breast prosthesis if, for some reason, you have chosen not to undergo immediate reconstructive surgery.

Can a breast prosthesis be custom-made?

Yes, a breast prosthesis can be custom designed to match your skin tone and provide structure and weight to the chest wall.

Is there a prosthetic for a lost nipple?

A prosthetic nipple is made of silicone, giving it a natural feel. The prosthetic nipple can be worn over the reconstructed area or the prosthetic breast. The prosthetic is either self-adhesive or comes with glue that is safe to apply to the skin.

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