Walking Aids

Walking aids, scooters, and wheelchairs are well-articulated devices that promote mobility. Along with physiotherapy, walking aids are known to improve physical endurance. Ludada and Associates’ suppliers include Shonaquip’s award-winning Madiba2Go Seat and CE Mobility for rigid, folding wheelchairs and motorised wheelchairs.

What types of walking aids are available?

Walking sticks
Walking sticks can be rented or bought, depending on what suits you. A walking stick aids in balance, providing support and equalising body weight.

Walking frames
A walking frame offers increased support when carrying out day-to-day tasks.

Consider the following factors when selecting a walking frame:

  • Height of the frame
  • Is the intention of the walking frame meant for indoor or outdoor use?
  • Walking frames with or without wheels (wheels are better when getting around outside)
  • Do you need to attach anything like a basket or seat to the walking frame?
  • Do you need to fold it when getting into the car?

A wheelchair is viable when you can no longer walk or suffer a disability.

Special seating
Special seating accommodates various body types and weights by incorporating different seating styles.

Mobility scooters
Mobility scooters are used to travel long distances and provide support when getting on and off these devices.

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