Medico-legal reports

As a practice that specialises in the manufacture, restoration and rental of prosthetic and orthotic devices, we provide additional services in connection with medico-legal services, assessments and workplace reports.

An amputation can be due to infection, a motor vehicle collision or workplace injury. If the latter occurs, the compensation authority may request proof of injury for workers’ compensation if the injury happened at work. Otherwise, you may require time off to recover, in which case you will need a comprehensive assessment and prescribed physiotherapy until you regain a certain degree of functionality. In return, full funding is provided when selecting a high-end prosthesis.

We assist with the following:

  • Trauma resulting in the use of a prosthetic may be needed in the event of amputation due to excessive bleeding and crushed tissue resulting in a partial tear and pain from the injury. In addition, the lower limb extremity is most likely to be amputated due to vascular complications related to infection, peripheral arterial disease and unmanaged diabetes. A traumatic incident of this nature affects functional outcomes and, therefore, the patient’s ability to return to work. Our practice can assist by providing comprehensive feedback in terms of the injury sustained and proof of rehabilitation concerning the use of a prosthesis and physiotherapy.
  • Assistance in courts to ascertain equitable outcomes. The medico-legal process encapsulates legal and medical aspects when drawing up assessments and reports for trauma Reports are used in criminal and civil court cases, personal injury claims and liability affairs.
  • General medico-legal services offer legal assessments and reports at short notice. In addition, victims are able to gain access to medical professionals to meet their health and legal needs. A safe and conducive environment is provided when completing assessments ensuring victims are comfortable at all times.

With years of experience in clinical prosthetics, Ludada and Associates assist amputees in claims concerning negligence at work and pending compensation due to injury on site.


What is the point of a medico-legal exam?

Health practitioners provide evidence in court in relation to clinical forensic exams through a legal document detailing the facts of the medical assessments.

When can these medico-legal reports be used?

These reports are done in case of the following traumatic injuries:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Injury at work
  • Burns
  • Falls
  • Assault
  • Traumatic accidents
When must you report an injury on duty?

An injury must be reported at the time of the incident, and medical attention must be sought immediately. The employer receives written or verbal notice of the injury on-site.

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