Special Seating

What is special seating?

Special seating helps you get around easily in the comfort of a specially modified chair. A seating system is usually enabled to suit an individual’s needs in terms of mobility and adaptability. It also empowers people with disabilities, encouraging them to become more independent. Our unique seating solutions incorporate the use of foams and hybrid and modular seats (KATO). A hybrid design adopts various types of seating to meet your needs. Combinations include carve foam and moulded seating (MSI). New design projects are taken to enhance the user's seating comfort, which takes into account several factors such as the ease of car mobility while adapting to limited spaces and different lifestyle choices.

After reviewing the referral from your healthcare provider, we provide the following services and products:

  • Electric-powered and manual wheelchairs can be used to recover from acute or life-long conditions. These are designed to cater to your postural and lifestyle needs.
  • Specially designed buggies are created to enhance a child's posture over three years with mobility issues.
  • Madiba2Go Seat accommodates the whole body and is made for children requiring increased postural support due to low tone.
  • Cushions and alternative mobility equipment are designed to relieve pressure and, in turn, provide comfort to the user.

Is there a waiting period?

Depending on the design unique to your needs, comfort and condition, there may be a waiting period for the design to be custom-made. Seating styles and seat positioning are made with precision based on the individual's lifestyle, capacity and day-to-day activities. Therefore, the time taken to design, manufacture and tweak these products varies.

Patients can be assessed and assigned a walking aid on the same day, but our specialist team will need to make customisations to the devices for more complex cases. However, we strive for accuracy and, therefore, work hard to ensure you do not need to make several appointments for a fitting or re-evaluation of the product.

Contact our practice today for a consultation for a personalised assessment and buying or renting of walking aids.


Can my mobility chair be fitted on the same day?

No it cannot be fitted same day, our therapist conduct a detailed patient assessment to inform the prescription of appropriate wheelchair thus customisation of each device. Upon completion an order can be placed from our suppliers and the waiting period varies from 4 weeks to 8 weeks.

What is your return policy?

Rented products are returnable subject to evaluation and if worn-out, the cost will be deducted from the deposit. Whereas new products can be returned within 7 days if it does not serve its intended purpose, and an alternative solution will be prioritised.

What is a knee scooter?

A knee scooter (knee walker) is a mobility aid that ensures a full recovery from a foot injury or major ankle surgery. A knee scooter ensures stability and control when manoeuvring the device. In addition, the device is lightweight, making it easier and faster to get around.

What is considered the best scooter when travelling harsh terrain?

There are hybrid devices on the market today. For example, a knee rover designed to travel on any surface, including grass, trails, parks and gravel, is built with advanced tie-rod steering and a locking handbrake. We can peruse several advanced products available to suit your adventurous lifestyle.

What should I consider when getting a mobility scooter?

Several factors must be considered when choosing a mobility scooter, such as:

  • How often will you be using your mobility scooter?
  • Do you need your mobility scooter to travel on roads or pavements?
  • Does your mobility scooter need to be packed in the car?
  • Is it costly to repair and maintain your mobility scooter? In which case, you can rent one of our walking aids or mobility scooters temporarily.
  • Does it have special levers or power steering in case you have arthritis in the hands?

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