What are prefabricated orthotic devices?

Prefabricated orthotics are made in masses to cater to the general public. These corrective devices do not need to be custom fit and are meant to alleviate foot pain and pressure on the toes and heel’s arch. Also known as “arch supports”, prefabricated orthotic devices redistribute weight beneath the foot evenly. Therefore, less pressure is placed on the arch of the foot.

Where can I get them?

Prefabricated orthoses can be purchased off our shelves directly. Usually, there is no need for a prescription because the devices are a quick fix to  pain and a fast solution to abnormal gait.

We recommend the following non-custom arch supports:

  • Arch supports are built for walking, and athletic shoes can be adjusted by inserting arch pads beneath the covers. Adjustable arch supports reduce arch pain, heel pain and pain in the big toe.
  • Orthotics with adjustable arch height are recommended for ladies' casual shoes, cycling shoes and soccer cleats. Orthotic devices with an adjustable arch height promote arch and heel stability and prevent pain.
  • Arch supports treat foot pain due to wide and flat feet. However, a custom orthotic device is recommended for wide feet.
  • Arch supports for flat shoes (slippers, ballet flats and sandals) to prevent pain and potential injuries. Good arch support is needed for shock absorption and to improve gait

Arch pads are designed to provide heel support and distribute weight across the bottom of the foot. As a result, you will be unable to experience pain and discomfort when walking. It would be best to avoid orthotics suggested by foot mapping technologies and those heavily advertised over radio and television claiming to be custom-made when they are prefabricated and more expensive than standard non-custom orthotic devices.

Ottobock Africa and DJO Global are our major orthotic suppliers. They supply orthoses for affected parts of the body.


If I have flat feet, should I get arch support?

The condition of flat feet occurs when the soles touch the floor completely. Arch supports are required when your flat feet cause pain. Custom-made orthotics are preferred because these devices fit the contours of the feet.

Can high arch support cause pain?

Extreme arch support can worsen pain, cause body aches and increase the risk of injuries.

Are custom orthotic devices better than mass-produced assistive devices?

Custom-made orthotics are specially designed to treat long-term conditions, while prefabricated orthoses address symptoms causing pain and immobility.

Who are your suppliers?

Ottobock Africa and DJO specialises in the supply of prefabricated orthotic devices.

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