Product as Service PaaS (Device rental)

Ludada and Associates offer orthotic, prosthetic and mobility aid rentals at affordable prices. Our PaaS (Product as a Service) enables customers to return prosthetic devices when they are no longer needed after a complete recovery. However, for long-term use, you can bring the rented mobility aid for inspection, repair or renewal. The rental of wheelchairs, prostheses and other appliances prescribed by a doctor may be used over a specific period before they are returned.

Prostheses and other mobility appliances rented out include:

  • Artificial limbs (one per limb) include repairs made on the devices or replacements due to physiological changes to the residual limb. We offer a wide selection of artificial limbs from high-quality materials such as silicone and less toxic, natural components.
  • Breast prostheses following a mastectomy
  • Elasticated compression garments (limited to a certain number per cycle)
  • Canes and crutches
  • Support braces
  • Walkers
  • Splints
  • Casts
  • Wheelchairs through CE Mobility using motorised or manual wheelchairs
  • Special seating supplied by Shona Equipment

Depending on your requirements, we create a variety of body parts and limbs using premade moulds, or new limbs are custom-made at our laboratories. Creating a custom-made device is an elaborate process that involves moulding and casting using resin, foam, silicone or other naturally-made material. 3D printing is an important part of manufacturing, using CAD and 3D software to mould new limbs. In addition, 3D printing guarantees making locally-made prosthetics at a lower cost than most production techniques.

Millions of people are in need of prosthetic limbs, and to combat this problem, we ensure our prosthetic devices are readily available and accessible to anyone regardless of their socio-economic status. Furthermore, we specialise in the reuse of recycled material for the production of prosthetic and orthotic devices. As a result, it is far more costly to purchase brand new prostheses, orthoses, and mobility aids off the market. By renting our devices, you can reduce your expenses significantly.


How does your loaner policy work?

Our first loaning offer are walking aids and supportive braces for patients who have temporary disability, expected to heal, and recover in 4-8 weeks. Thus, a temporary solution for temporary impairment problems.

The second loaning offer are Prosthetic devices, we offer this for new patients who are trying out prosthetic rehabilitation. We offer these in a form of temporary prosthesis as they accommodate significant body changes, allows technological improvements for every significant functional gains. This rental option is a cost-effective way to ensure evidence-based prescription. This package runs for 6 months to a year, and an amputee can graduate to a definitive prosthesis that won’t require regular adjustments. Furthermore, even with definitive prosthesis we offer prosthetic componentry upgrade on rental bases. For example changing from a more stable/safe prosthetic knee joint to a more flexible and mobile can improve walking ability. These rented products are therefore our duty to maintain regularly and patient must honour appointments.

All rented products are owned by the company

A deposit of 30% is payable upfront with the rental cost.

Can I use my Buy-back points to rent a device?

Absolutely, not only for yourself but also family members and those not registered in your medical aid.

Buyback points can also be used to cover items not covered by your medical aid.

How long can I rent the prosthesis for?

It depends on the time when it is needed. For example, do you need it for long or short-term use? However, within two to four years, the prosthesis should be replaced.

A prosthesis in its totality it cannot be rented, rather components of it can be rented. However, we can make a cost effective socket plus rented components calling it temporary prosthesis which is used by new amputees for their first 6-1 year post amputation.

Is there anything to be conscious about when renting a device?

Be mindful of how to maintain and clean the device. Attend regular follow-ups to ensure you are adapting to the device.

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